Udrive in partnership with Dubai RTA is launching a one-of-a-kind program called 'Hatta Cars' to promote HATTA along with other long distance family getaways in the comfort of an SUV

What is the Hatta Promotion?

Customers of Udrive can now reap the benefits of special pricing for long-distance journey in a large family car that can seat up to seven people.

We currently offer Mitsubishi Pajero that can fit 7 people and has a 350 km travel allowance per day. Additional days may be added at a fee of AED 99 per day(a maximum of 2 additional days are permitted),but there is no further mileage allowance for the added days.

    Rules and regulations

  • Maximum km allowance is 350 kms (either 1 day or 1+2 extra days) 
  • Additional day is charged at AED 99 per day (maximum for 2 days only)
  • Excess kms charged at 1.9 AED per Km
  • Extra day after 3rd day/72 hrs will be charged again at AED 299 with 350 km
  • The car must be returned to Dubai business zone at the end of the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. How do I handle the fuel and parking for these vehicles?

Udrive covers the fuel and parking (within business zones of Dubai)so that you can relax and spend the time with your family. You can go to ENOC or EPPCO fuel station within Dubai and refuel for free.

Q. Can I travel outside Hatta?

While this promotion is designed to facilitate your visit to Hatta, Udrive does not restrict the usage to any specific location & 

you can visit any other destination within UAE with this special package.

Q. Which cars are available within the HATTA Cars Promotion? I want <a specific car> for Hatta but I'm unable to get one..

The Hatta Promotion now only includes the spacious and reliable Mitsubishi Pajero cars, which are ideal for family road trips.

Q. If I use the car for overnight, will you consider it as 2 days or 1 day?

All trips with Udrive are calculated using a 24 hour clock, thus even if you travel over night, you will only be charged for 1 day as long as the clock doesn't cross that mark.

Q. Do I need to inform you know in advance if I want to extend the days?

No, not at all! Our system will compute the trip's duration automatically, and if it exceeds 24 hours, the trip will be automatically extended for the next day without further action from you. 

Please note that 2nd and 3rd days which are extensions will be charged at AED 99 per day with NO ADDITIONAL KMS, while however the 4th day is be charged as a new package at AED 299 with a 350 Km mileage allowance and is again extendable for two more days. 

Q. Where can I find these cars for trip to Hatta?

You can find these HATTA cars within the Dubai zone on our Udrive app. For ease of identification, these cars have a unique 'HATTA' icon which is different from the standard green/white pins.

Q. I'm unable to find any HATTA cars at the moment?

It's possible that all of the Hatta vehicles have been reserved due to the huge demand for this offer. You can occasionally check the Udrive app to see if there are any vehicles available.

Q. Can I Ieave the car/ end the trip in Hatta?

We are sorry to say, but you cannot leave the car or end the journey in Hatta. Once you reach the same city (Business zone) where you picked the car from you can end the trip at any convenient location not necessarily where you started the trip from.

Q: Is there a penalty if I leave the vehicle or stop my journey in Hatta?

Yes, a penalty of AED 350 will be imposed if the trip is ended outside the business zone where the trip started from.

Q. Is there anything crucial I should keep in mind or pay attention to?

Yes, there are two important points that we want you to keep in mind.

  1. Total kilometers allowance: Even if you utilize the 2 days extension that the plan allows, the total kilometers included in the package is 350 kms. After 350 km, extra kms will cost AED 1.90 /Km.
  2. Total package duration : The Hatta bundle is designed for three days, or a total of 72 hours (including the 2 days extension).The fourth day will be treated as a new package and charged at AED 299.

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