Will I receive a fine for cleaning? 

We ask that customers ensure they leave the cars clean and tidy for the next person to use the car. 


If we find the vehicle is dirty and requires cleaning customers may face penalties of up to AED 500


Will I receive parking fines? 

You must only end a trip in the approved zones and Emirates as per our terms and condition


If you end your trip outside of that zone or in a mall, valet, underground parking or private parking you will be charged the full cost of removing the car plus an additional administration fee


What happens if I get the vehicle impounded? 

The customer will be charged the full cost of impounding, towing, fines and an additional administration fee


If your vehicle gets impounded you must inform us by calling 800 – Udrive


Who is eligible to drive my Udrive rental?

Only the registered customer is eligible to drive the Udrive vehicle.


If a customer allows anyone else to operate the vehicle, they will be fined a minimum of AED 5,000.

Are there any fines for roadside assistance? 

If you require assistance due to your own error you will receive a fine of up to AED 350.


What other types of penalties I could receive? 


We ask that customers ensure they: 

• Turn off all lights when not driving to avoid battery drainage

• Please return the vehicle with more than 15% fuel

• Keys are inside the car (The customer is responsible for cost of replacing the keys) 

• Leaving the vehicle unsecured i.e., doors/windows open & keys in the ignition.