Does Udrive cover the cost of fuel? 

Yes, if you opt for the all-inclusive option when selecting a vehicle. 


When does Udrive not cover fuel? 

If you opt for the Udrive Basics option then you will be charged for the consumption of fuel. 

You can still use any of the approved fuel stations to fill the vehicle with fuel but on Udrive Basics, the consumption will be calculated at the end of the day or trip depending on the length of the rental. 


Which fuel stations can I go to fuel the car? 

For Dubai cars, you can go to Enoc and Eppco petrol stations. 

For Abu Dhabi or Sharjah cars, you can go to Adnoc petrol stations.


What type of fuel should I use to fuel the car?

You may inform the petrol station attendant to refuel the car using the VIP Petrol Special.


How does Udrive cover the cost of the fuel? 

All of our vehicles have VIP chips that will ensure the cost of the fuel is billed directly to Udrive. 


What if the fuel chip is faulty? 

If you need fuel and the VIP tag is faulty, then you can pay for the fuel and send us the receipt. We will then reimburse you the amount in the Udrive wallet.