In partnership with Hive, Udrive is now providing exclusive vehicles available to all Hive residents to rent. There are vehicles available for rent for a day with no deposit, fuel and parking included across the City!


Hive  JVC

Cars Available:


How it Works:

Step 1 – Download Udrive App(New customer)

Step 2 – Register your account(New customer) 

Step 3 – Explore the station for vehicles available, click, rent, and drop back at the same station to end your trip


1. Q: What is the cost of the cars?

    A: Car cost is mentioned on the car card.

2. Q: How can i identify a car from Hive station ? 

    A: Car availability will be shown on the mobile application usually found outside the apartment                building on a pubic parking. The car pin will be a "Hive logo" which makes it easy to identify. 

3. Q: Can i drop the car in any location?

    A: You are allowed to drop and terminate the reservation only back in the same Hive station.

4. Q: Can i drive the car outside the city?

    A: Yes, go on a long drive and come back to the same Hive station safely.

5. Q: What do i do for a stopover? 

    A: Keep the keys with you and continue the reservation.

Dos and Don'ts:

1: Please do cover the parking cost if you are driving outside the city or any private parking within       the city.

2: Do not end the reservation outside the Hive station.