When ending your reservation please ensure: 

  1. The vehicle is parked in an approved Udrive parking spot (click here to learn about where you can park at the end of your trip)
  2. Remove all of your personal belongings (click here to learn more about lost and found items) 
  3. Ensure the vehicle is clean and ready for the next customer to use 
  4. The key is returned to the box on the dashboard

What if I forget to return the key? 

If the vehicle is locked, please contact us on 800-UDRIVE and we will unlock the vehicle allowing you to return the key. 

Or, you can reserve the car again and unlock the door to put back the keys. Rest assured that if the trip you have started is less than 15 minutes and car was not moved, then you will not be charged.


If keys are not returned after ending the trip, the customer will face a penalty for the replacement of the key.